Pelican Flying Large Pendant MC 380A.5YHB

Pelican Flying Large Pendant MC 380A.5YHB


This is the first of the Pelican series by well known jewelry designer Mickey Johnson. It is a single sided Pelican Flying Large Pendant with the top wing functioning as the Hidden Bail. Some info... In 2006, Londoners were shocked when a pigeon was swallowed whole by a great white pelican in front of some horrified kids at St. James's Park. Attacks like that aren’t unusual: Although pelicans specialize in eating fish, they also prey on crustaceans, amphibians, turtles, and—yes—other birds. If it can fit down their throats, it’s fair game. 

There are 1 to 2 parts to this piece so you have design choices. Go to the above "Drop Down" menu to see what creations you can make for yourself or lucky recipient before ordering. Enjoy!

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