Dove Sm Pendant AP165FHB

Dove Sm Pendant AP165FHB


Our double sided Dove Small Pendant, is also known as the American Mourning Dove. It is a graceful, slender-tailed, small-headed dove that's common across the continent. The mournful cooing of the Mourning Dove is one of our most familiar bird sounds to humans.

The doubled sided Dove Small Pendant with the Hidden Bail is a single casting. It can only be cast in one color of Gold, either Yellow, White or Rose.

You can request your Dove have a Jump Ring or "V" Bail. This will open up the possibility of mixing the gold colors. Pick White Gold for the Dove and maybe Yellow Gold or Rose Gold for the Jump Ring or "V" Bail. You prefer the Jump Ring or "V" Bail over the Hidden Bail you can still order both pieces in a single color.

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