Flamingo Standing Small Pendant or Charm 276C.5YJR

Flamingo Standing Small Pendant or Charm 276C.5YJR


This is our single sided Flamingo Walking Small Pendant or Charm with a Jump Ring. Flamingos are one of the few types of birds that feed their young hatchlings "crop milk". While not milk produced from mammary glands it is a highly nutritious substance that nourishes very young Flamingos before they begin feeding themselves. The crop milk is produced by a sloughing of fluid-filled cells from the lining of a thin-walled, sac-like food storage chamber that projects outward from the bottom of the escophagus. Parent birds regurgitate it to the young birds

There are 2 parts to this piece giving you design choices. Go to the “Drop Down" menu on the right to see what creations you can make for yourself or lucky recipient before ordering. Enjoy!

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