Pelican Flying Med/Sm Pendant MC380C.5YHB

Pelican Flying Med/Sm Pendant MC380C.5YHB


Here is another Pelican by well known jewelry designer Mickey Johnson. It is a single sided Pelican Flying Medium/Small Pendant with the top wing used as the Hidden Bail for the Chain etc. Some info... Pelicans use their gular pouches as a means of capturing food. The highly-flexible sacs can expand or contract, and the lower jaw bones they’re connected to are capable of bowing outwards, which enables the birds to use their sacs as fishing nets. Once a Pelican captures its prey, the bird drains any water it may have accidentally captured with it by tilting its head and contracting those pouch muscles. (Fun fact: Some species can hold three gallons’ worth of liquid in their gular sacs.) Usually, the prey is swallowed immediately after the water purge

There are 1 to 2 parts to this piece so you have design choices. Go to the above "Drop Down" menu to see what creations you can make for yourself or lucky recipient before ordering. Enjoy!

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