Wood Stork Lg Pendant 1226A.5HB

Wood Stork Lg Pendant 1226A.5HB


This beautiful single sided Wading Bird Pendant is available as pictured with a Hidden Bail (HB). Though Wood Storks eat small fish, they eat a lot of them. An average nesting pair, with two fledglings, may eat over 400 pounds of fish during a single breeding season.

The Wood Stork with the Hidden Bail is cast as one piece in the same color gold so your choice is one of 3 colors of gold... Yellow or White or Rose.

The Wood Stork with a "V" Bail or Jump ring are both available in 14KY, 14KW or 14KR so that you can mix or match the gold color for the Pendant. For example you might want a 14K White Wood Stork Pendant w/a 14k Yellow Bail to match your chain.



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