Crane Sm Earrings 468C.5YPT

Crane Sm Earrings 468C.5YPT

ME 468C.5YPT

One of my favorite Birds, maybe my favorite, The Crane. Here is our Single sided Small Crane Earrings with Posts walking along. That was my first memory of seeing a live Crane, walking along the sidewalk across from the FedEx Building in Palm Springs Ca. This happened years ago but, as they say, it is as if it was yesterday. I could not believe how tall he/she was. There are 15 species of cranes. They look beautiful flying with their heads forward and straight. They live everywhere except for the North and South Poles.

There are 1 or 2 parts to this piece giving you design choices. Go to the "Drop Down" menú on the right to see what creations you can make for yourself or lucky recipient before ordering. Enjoy!

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